CMOS Ltd. specializes in  performing on-site fraud investigations, including preliminary inquiry with employees and customers, seizure and inquiry of digital and physical evidence, providing data mining services, and supervising the complete investigative needs of the clients. the customers will be armed eventually with objective facts and incontrovertible evidence for their use. 

Cybercrime consultant

The company is capable of handling complex cybercrime issues related to the production of seizure of digital evidence, examining the actions required to perform, identifying technological vulnerabilities, and provides immediate solutions to minimize damage and restore organizational systems to full operations. In-depth knowledge of Law enforcement agency’s methods in Israel and around the world, and the evidentiary implications, is the company’s way of advising on the correct course of action and preventing criminal involvement or turning organizations into victims of crime.

Cyber intelligence

Quality cyber intelligence, when required, is granted to our customers using unique and unexpected techniques. CMOS uses information sources that require the attention of experts: The Company receives regular updates from cyber sensors in Israel and around the world, which include updated cyber intelligence from a wide range of sources.

Incident response supervision and guidance

supervision and guidance regarding the proper way to produce evidence and counseling insurance companies regarding cyber threat assessments and providing supervision of incident response actions when an insurance policy is being activated. Such cyber and investigative advice requires considerable experience and knowledge that few have. The company’s managers and owners, who have extensive background and experience in the Israel Police’s Investigations and Cyber Investigations Division and have practical experience in handling complex cyber investigations.

GDPR requirements

CMOS specializes in advising corporations on compliance with the new EU regulatory requirements (GDPR May 18) by preparing the company and its affiliates accordingly. This preparation also requires corporations outside the European Union, if the client is a service provider to EU citizens, and will prevent legal and economic problems from corporations.

Cryptographic currencies and online payments

The owners and managers of CMOS have extensive experience in handling and analyzing online transactions inspections, including handling complex transactions involving the use of virtual currencies, such as BITCOIN and other blockchain tools. One of the Company’s goals is to minimize the exposure of the customer to risks at home and abroad, by ensuring the use of appropriate regulation, both by instructing the correct and smart use of technological protection tools, by exposing the organization’s “soft belly” and by providing solutions to minimize potential or existing damage.

Fraud prevention and investigation

Providing investigation’s services and solutions for Banks and Insurance companies, help providing the best prevention strategy and handling on-site fraud investigations.

the company’s manger’s experience with complex and  wide range of fraud investigations makes them the best soltution for ngo’s with their special  investigative needs.  


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