we have gathered several cyber events that have been handled by CMOS managers, which have been published in the media and pose a threat to many organizations. Organizations that are technologically advanced and receive the appropriate advice on time can save themselves unnecessary aggravation, financial and reputation damages

Cyber extortion – under a disguise

Another hacker extorted a stock company through emails sent from the deep web. He did so under the disguise of protecting minors, and to that end he planted pedophile content on the company’s servers and demanded money as compensation and for not revealing the information and cause a significant damage to company. The offender was located abroad and when landed in Israel, was arrested, after a short interrogation he had confessed his crimes, and later was convicted. The company had to check whether the information he provided was correct. An early warning by CMOS, would have prevented the company from embarrassment and considerable financial damage.

Cyber extortion - Release of personal data

A hacker extorted a large company and threatened to distribute personal details of customers if no significant ransom money was paid. To do this he used an anonymous wireless Internet connection, each time from different cafes. Negotiations, forensics, and the integration of advanced technological capabilities led to the real-time detection of the suspect, while he was sending another email from one of the cafes. The transfer of treatment to cyber experts such as CMOS would lead to immediate actions to reduce the damage or even to prevent it. Another way of action involves closely monitoring the enforcement process while maintaining the digital evidence required for the police investigation and maintaining close contact with the investigation unit in order to protect the client’s interests and assist in promoting it.

Credit card company fraud and money laundering

In a leading credit card company in Israeli, was investigated for prohibited transactions, which constitute money-laundering offenses, by using a different code than required and the creation of transactions in the amount of billions of shekels. After a long and complex investigation, the cyber interrogators managed to produce evidence against the company and its managers, and that ended with a payment of 100 million NIS! (a fine). CMOS was able to expose the problematic nature of the action to the company and prevent it from performing it even before the police started the investigation and before filing the claim against it.

Cyber extortion – Bank and credit card company

A man extorted a bank and a major credit card company in Israel and threatened to expose the details of their customers on the Internet. Thanks to intensive negotiations and the use of creative, technological and research tools, it was found that the surfer used the “deep web” and and got online from a cafe in a distant country. Corporations with sensitive information of their customers, such as credit card companies and banks, should examine who has access to sensitive information in advance, in order to prevent their exposure to unauthorized persons and thus avoid these unnecessary situations. These organizations need much more than firewalls and cyber protection tools. They need to know where the sensitive information is located, and then examine how to prevent its exposure outside the company, as well as to examine in depth who has access to it within the company and the degree of risk of exposing it. If the cyber crisis is already out of control, it must be managed correctly by CMOS professionals that cyber crime investigations are exactly their field of expertise.

Murder by cyber lure

The murder of the boy Ofir Rahum shocked the whole country. “They succeeded in killing Ophir because of the Internet,” the newspaper headlines shouted. The boy was kidnapped and murdered because of the use of cyber warfare. The decoding of the ICQ chat algorithm, using the victim’s computer, led to the identification of the incriminating information about the terrorist and abductor, Amneh Mona. Various ways to locate and recover deleted information are part of CMOS’s expertise.

Cyber Hack - bank

Israeli cybercriminals who broke into US banks and stole 80 million customers’ information, were able to do so using a special and sophisticated method-the suspects had also encrypted their data while using a unique technology to disguise the incriminating information about them. The banks have had two major problems: the first was a computer system miss handling: the bank did not anticipate the penetration of its computerized systems at the technological level. The other was vulnerability to Social engineering methods: criminals could and did exploit the “soft spots” of their employees and customers, thereby collecting data that can be used to infiltrate the bank and steal information under a disguise of innocent customers. CMOS has unique capabilities to identify and prevent organizational weaknesses, including among company employees.

Internet gambling and money laundering

As part of the Prime Minister’s investigations, in which he was tried and sent to prison, evidence was analyzed and identified from a government ministry for a long period of time, by restoring the Exchange software to relevant versions. This was done using backup tapes and the creation of diaries to be presented as evidence in court. Like ministers and prime ministers, every serious company must know how critical its information can be, even when it all seems impossible. Due to persistence and some creative actions by CMOS owners, the relevant information about the Prime Minister and others was exposed, even though it was old, while colleagues in the profession raised an eyebrow and did not believe that valid digital evidence could indeed be found and produced under these circumstances.

Forensic analysis

A sports betting internet site was discovered, which rolled approximately 340 million shekels,” the headline screamed. What has not been published is the sophisticated way in which the criminals were caught. The use of virtual tools to investigate the extent of money laundering offenses enabled cyber investigators to locate and view the scope of the offense from the offender’s point of view and to determine his assets equal to the value of the offense. A combination of creative solutions and the use of extensive technological knowledge led to the production of evidence that accurately reflected the scope of the money laundering offense. If such actions were not carried out, the judicial proceeding would have been harmed. CMOS is experienced in using these and other methods to obtain necessary and accurate information, advise properly and avoid potential judicial proceedings damage.
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